Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Date Night Extraordinaire

While standing with certain children in the church foyer during sacrament meeting last Sunday, I got to talking with Nick- a dad with two small children.  It's not like you can really listen to the speakers with the hubbub of children's voices out there anway.  He told me they understand us (Ryan and myself) now.

Oh? I said.

"Remember when we saw you guys at Walmart like a year ago, and you were on a date?  We didn't understand why you would go to Walmart of all places if you had a babysitter.  We do now."

Once you've paid a babysitter (for 4 children- ouch), had dinner at a restaurant (not so cheap either) your options are somewhat limited.  Staying in town there's bowling (done that a time or two), movie theater (really big ouch- so like twice a year when the in-laws are babysitting for free), a walk (not so fun in the dark), ice cream at McDonalds (yippee?), or do some needed shopping or just lame wandering around at Walmart (without the children). 

Eventually you get to the point where even wandering around the much-hated Walmart, if it is without the children, gets to be a break.

Hooray for parenthood.

Speaking of which, I need a date with Ryan soon.

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Bingham Family said...

That's hilarious! That is EXACTLY what our dates end up being. But I have to say that the shopping without kids is SO NICE... that I actually enjoy that part of our "not so exciting" date night.