Wednesday, January 4, 2012

More Vacation Pictures

Friday morning we did some more sight seeing in Salt Lake City.  We went first to the Beehive House and got a tour from another set of sister missionaries.
It's a good thing the rooms are out of reach- they are decidedly not child friendly.  I could not imagine keeping all those fragile "pretties" down at touch level for small children like it was apparently when families lived there. 

I have not had success. 

With so many things. 


Next we walked to the Church Office Building.
We took the elevator up 26 floors and looked over the city.
Before we left, we walked back to Temple Square.  (We were trying to wear out the kids a little before trapping them in the car for hours again.)  We watched all the newlyweds.  And when there was a small lull, we snatched our opportunity to take pictures by the temple doors.
Look at those cuties. 

Then we drove to Rexburg and met baby Simon.
Ryan's parents and his sister Brynne also drove down.  We got to hang out.  We stayed at the AmericInn and had the room next to Ryan's family.  (You can tell Brynne was ecstatic to have the girls climb all over her bed.)

We stayed through Sunday morning.  We went to church with the new parents, and Simon was given a name and a blessing.  Afterwards, we got in the car and made the long drive home.  Ryan suggested we finish the trip and start the new year as responsible parents- We fed the girls ice cream for dinner.  That's right- no deep fried chicken nuggets, or fatty hamburgers but good ol' ice cream for dinner.  Judge us if you dare.  We'd had our fill of peanut butter sandwiches and fried food. 

And the kids thought we were the coolest parents.  Ever.  It made the last couple of hours of travel just a little easier. :)

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