Wednesday, January 25, 2012

{a sewing project}

For Christmas Ryan bought me a Kindle.  I was stoked, although I kind of knew about it before Christmas.  Ryan thought he was being secretive, but... well...  he wasn't. :)

I wanted to get a cover for the Kindle.  I looked for e-reader covers in town, but those were $20+.  So I looked online and it was the same.   Shoot, I could make one for myself for cheaper than that!  So I did.

I found a free pattern on Pinterest (Wahoo- I actually made one of the "to make someday" projects!), bought some fabric, and away I went.  I like it.

Here's the link to the pattern and directions.


Tasha said...

That is very cute!

Ellerbeck Family News said...

I like it--great to be creative!!
Aunt Jeanne

Michael and Blair Kannely said...

good job! Looks great!!!!