Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shopping Trip

After lunch today Ryan suggested I take some time for myself and go away.  The idea appealed to me.  I could do the 45 minute drive, do a little window shopping and get the grocery shopping done at Costco and Winco all without any whining or complaining coming from the "minions."  I didn't have to be home until after bedtime.  (I have such a nice husband!)

So I checked out Hobby Lobby for the first time.  Then I headed to the mall and did some shopping for (to quote Ryan) an "over the shoulder boulder holder" or three.  It had been a loooooong time since my last shopping excursion for similar items.  Afterwards I headed over and bought a couple of pairs of jeans for Elizabeth and just cruised the stores.  No fuss, no demands to visit the children's play area, no hiding in the clothing racks.  It was great.

As I got in the van Ryan called and suggested I go to Lowe's and look at dishwashers.  Our dishwasher isn't really all that old but it's been having some issues.  Such as- it won't fill up with much water, and you have to wrestle it to open.  We've been putting up with it, but we knew its days were numbered.

I was pretty nervous about buying a major appliance all by myself.  The Lowes guy pointed out "decent" dishwashers in my price range and then I got to make the decision.  On my own.  Talk about scary!

$400 later, I had my newly purchased dishwasher sitting in the back of my minivan.

Then I went to Costco and Winco and did my grocery shopping.  Not very exciting, but definitely necessary.

As I was driving home, I did a mental inventory.  $400 for the dishwasher, $100 at Winco, $50 at Costco...  Yikes.  That was an EXPENSIVE day out.

Ryan may never let me go shopping alone again. ;)

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Tasha said...

Sounds like a fun trip to me :) I would be nervous about picking out a dishwasher too.