Monday, January 23, 2012

Snow Day

After the snow storm, we got a bunch of freezing rain.  Our school district doesn't really "do" snow days, but they've been known to delay or cancel school for freezing rain on top of snow.

Well, Thursday morning at 5:20 am our phone rang.  Our brand new automated phone system at the school got used for the first time to tell us school was on a 2-hour delay.  So Ryan turned off his alarm and we went back to sleep until 6:45 am when another phone call came in to tell us school was cancelled.  No one got up until almost 8 am.  The kids cooperated and it was great!

We suited the kids up in their snow gear at about 11:30 and Emma spent the next 4 hours outside.  Elizabeth had a 45 minute break to warm up midway through, and the twins lasted all of 7 minutes before the came in crying about their cold hands. 
The neighbor kids came over.  It's great having your own private sledding hill. :)
 The kids attempted to make a jump on the hill for the sleds, but weren't very successful, so Ryan went outside to help out.  He's just that kind of nice guy. 

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Tasha said...

Looks like a lot of fun! We still haven't gone out to play in the snow. Neither of my kids like their hands being cold so I'm not sure it's worth the effort of bundling them up, only to come back inside 5 mins later :)