Saturday, October 4, 2014

Conference Saturday

Ryan and the FFA picked A LOT of apples when they were getting ready for their display at the fair.  Ryan has a deaf student in one of his classes, and there is a Deaf Ed guy who translates for her comes and helps in Ryan's classroom that period.  He has a cider press, and so Ryan was excited to make apple cider in his class one day last week.  

There were still plenty of apples left over (seriously).  We did something new this year for the Saturday afternoon session of General Conference.  We were invited over to press cider and watch conference at the same time.  
The kids definitely did not pay attention for most of the session, but they had a great time mashing apples, pressing cider, running after kittens, and playing with new friends.  And we came home with so many gallons of delicious apple cider.

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