Saturday, October 25, 2014

{K} Extended Family

*These pictures were taken on this date, and put on the blog at a later date.

My in-laws wanted some updated family pictures to display.  About two months ago we were given a date to cross off our calenders and start thinking about what colors to wear.  After much discussion on Facebook messenger, a decision was reached.  We were supposed to be in Leavenworth at 10 am, smiling, dressed, and ready to take pictures.

It's a 2.5 hour drive for us.  We packed up the kids in their pjs, and made them change in the car when we arrived.  Ryan and I were both sick, sick, sick, and it was raining.  We can thank the miraculous power of Photoshop for happy, glowing pictures.  
 If you look closely, I heavily borrowed from our own family pictures.  Our assigned family color was teal (I guess so no one would confuse which kids go with which family) so the kids each have a new $5 long sleeve t-shirt from Walmart.

 My mother-in-law has this picture of me in between shots, wearing my coat (have I mentioned it was cold and rainy and I was sick?) and.... not smiling.  If she sends it to me, I will upload it here.  My face in that picture really shows how I was feeling.

*Update 12/10/2014 Here's the picture:

After the pictures, we drove down to Brynne and Curt's house.  Our van got side tracked and stopped at the Aplet and Cotlet factory in Cashmere.
After our detour (and candy stop), we joined everyone for pizza at Brynne's, before heading home so Ryan could work on (you guessed it) more homework.

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