Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sick again

Some new bug hit our family.  I'm telling you, the year you have a kindergartner is brutal.  And if you times that by two, well.... you are in for it.  You may as well buckle your seat belt and hang on for a rough ride of sick ups and downs.

Annie woke up complaining that her head was "banging," her throat was really sore, and it hurt to move her eyes.  She had a fever, and as the day progressed, a rash too.  I took her to the doctor, and we got antibiotics.

All told, Annie was out of school for three days.  At least we were able to have some nice times together.
Little by little, the whole family came down with this bug.  When I first heard of the kids saying their eyes hurt to move, I thought they were being dramatic.  As it turns out, they were totally right.  My throat hurts, it really does hurt to move my eyes, and I feel dreadful all over.  Everyone (except Ryan, and he should have) has stayed home from school as we try to get over this.

I took Emma and Elizabeth to the doctor, and thankfully the doctor was able to prescribe for the rest of us via the phone.

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