Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pumpking Carving

We literally had hundreds of pumpkins this year.  It was insanity.  Ryan did a great job planting, and the plants took care of the rest.  We invited the church primary children to come and grab some pumpkins, and that took care of some.  Ryan invited people from work, and I put an invite out on Facebook for people to PLEASE come take pumpkins home.  Free pumpkins?  Anyone?  We still have some left over, and this is after we've decorated our porch and front steps, and set pumpkins on top of fence posts....

Tonight we carved the kids' giant pumpkins.  We opted to not do this in the house.  The pumpkins varied in weight between 56-92 lbs.  Our kitchen table should not be holding all 4 of those pumpkins at the same time.  So we set up shop in our garage door-less garage.  (The previous owners remodeled it into their business office.)

Ryan did all of the cutting and carving with his jig saw.  Those pumpkins were mighty thick, and power tools was the only way to go.

 The kids got to draw out the faces and we all did some scooping.

With the jig saw, the carving went a lot easier and faster than I had anticipated.  We are now ready for Halloween!

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