Thursday, August 6, 2015


While our friends are out of town, we got the privilege of watching their beaded dragon named Draeb.  (That would be "beard" spelled backwards.)  Draeb eats live crickets- about 10 every day.  Which means not only do we take care of the lizard, we also have to make sure the box of live crickets have food and water.  (Ewwww!)  They are noisy critters.  

The kids liked taking Draeb out of his terrarium.  This actually means that they liked it when mom caught him and pulled him out so they could carry him around and let him eat grass outside.

We had a problem with escaping crickets last night.  They got out in the guest room.  I captured many, and then gave up.  I went after the remaining hiding creepy crawlies with the vacuum hose.

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