Friday, August 21, 2015

Think Pink

Emma has been earning some money babysitting for people.  She babysits for us too, but we are not as generous in the money department, I guess.  She's been saving, and decided she wanted to buy paint for her bedroom.  We've only painted the front room and kitchen since moving in.  The house was freshly painted before we bought it, but the house was beige from top to bottom- and flat paint at that.  Except the two upstairs bathrooms.  The girls' bathroom is blue with white and blue wallpaper, which is pretty, but mine is orange and green.  I like the sea green, but I am not sure why I haven't painted over the burnt orange and peach yet.  


Emma wanted to paint her room pink.  Ryan wanted to say no, but Emma did buy her own paint, and the color was not awful.  I was overseeing the job, and I said yes.  Ha!  So there.

Sisters were not allowed in, so they parked themselves right outside the door.
 Emma is wearing my clothes!  She didn't really have clothes for painting in, and I have more than I needed.  That's the benefit of keeping clothes you've had since you were a teenager.

 I know the pictures all show Emma working, but I may have put a fair amount of work into painting the room too.  Maybe.  Just a little.
Now we just have to put the room back together.  I think she wants to rearrange the furniture too....

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