Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Over the river, and through the woods...

Yesterday the girls and I took a day trip over the mountains to see my mom and Grandma. I am fairly certain my grandma is starting to wonder if my husband exists anymore, because I don't think he's come with us on our trips this year.  He's a busy fellow, and it was past time to visit again.  

I think the visit went well.  It's a lot to ask the girls- to sit in the car for the long drive over, then to be quiet and well behaved for the visit with their great-grandma, and then sit back in the car for the long drive back home.  Of course it means that I am alone on behavior-watch with Ryan not in tow, so I don't know how much actual visiting I truly get to do.  Hopefully it's just enough to gaze at my flustered visage...?  

We got a couple of pictures before we left.  I thought it would be good for the girls to get a picture with Nana and their great-grandma.
I think Emma is as tall as Grandma now.  I remember when I reached that point in my growing.  
Obviously I didn't stop growing when I got as tall as Emma is.  Something about posing with members of my family makes me feel like an Amazon woman.

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