Thursday, August 27, 2015

School Begins

Before bed, the girls got their new backpacks and shoes lined up in the front room, ready to go.  I like how their choices reflect their personalities.
 (L-R) Maddie, Annie, Elizabeth, Emma

Ryan didn't have a new backpack to show off, but we did buy him new shoes.  Which are hard to see in the picture below.
We started the day bright and early.  Ryan usually takes Emma to school on his way to work.
She's starting 7th grade!!

Even though Annie's school doesn't start for almost an hour and a half after Emma's, Annie is ready to go!
Eventually, we were all ready to go.
Annie-1st, Elizabeth-5th, and Maddie-1st
Because we had some time- we got a silly picture too.

We drove down to the school.  It's going to be really nice having the kids at 2 schools this year instead of 3.  When Emma goes to high school, we'll be back at 3 schools for a while.  But we still have two years before that happens.  Thank goodness!

First we dropped off Maddie in her classroom.

 Next was Annie, right next door.
Finally, I walked a very patient Elizabeth to her classroom.
I came back home to a very quiet house.

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