Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Daily Nothings

Elizabeth likes to sing.  Our house often sounds like what you might expect to hear a 5-year-old singing opera.  You know, not necessarily songs, but dialogue with music.

"Teeth deeee-caaaaay is baaaaaad.  Deeee-caaaaay is daaaaaanger-ouuuuuussss.  I must brush my teeth every daaaaaaaaaaaay and niiiiiiiiiiiight...."

(I would guess she learned about brushing teeth at school today.)

"Emmmmmmma is booooooooothering meeeeeeeee...."

"Raaaaapunzeeeelllll neeeeeeds heeeeeelp getting dreeeeeeeesssed...."

(That when mom's dexterous fingers can come in handy, I guess.  Those silly Polly Pocket-sized dolls are ridiculous to try and clothe when you are 5.)

Maddie's cry has become distinctive from her twin's.  It's just started in the last week or so.  When she is more annoyed than hurt, she gets this Tarzan-yell (aaaah AH ahhhh) quality to her cry.  I find it kind of funny.

Annie and Maddie are "social groomers."  (I knew there was a reason I lovingly call them my Monkeys.)  They wash each other in the bathtub.  They brush the other's hair.  And they must rub lotion on my legs as I put lotion on them.

Ever since the bout of intestinal uh.... unrest.... we had a few weeks ago, Annie has been leery of the bathtub.  As soon as she spots something that floats- a stray fuzzy or hair in the bathtub, she is OUT.  Because she doesn't think it's a fuzzy.

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Heidi E said...

I just had to laugh at the bath tub drama. But who could blame her. :) I think I would run out too.