Friday, February 25, 2011

Mess Gang Strike Again

After nearly two weeks of sickness and being house-bound, today Emma and Elizabeth both went to school and I took the twins to story time at the library.  Or, wrestling match between Mommy and the twins, as I like to call it.  I say some variation of the following the whole time: "Sit down.  Don't pull all the books off the shelves.  Maddie is sitting on that chair- you can't have it now.  Shhh.  Come back here." 

Love outings with twin toddlers.

As we were leaving, a friend of mine told me that her kids had a first- making a giant mess while she was in the shower this morning.  They somehow got a hold of the tube of diaper ointment and spread it everywhere.  Now, she has two 22-month-olds and a nearly 5-year-old.  Holy cow, how on earth has she made it THIS LONG without a giant mess while she was in the shower?  I mean, that's par for the course at our house.  I showed some sympathy, but perhaps not as much as I should have.  (Maybe if I hadn't been elbowing Annie into her carseat, watching Maddie press all the buttons while sitting in the driver's seat, I could have had more sympathy.)  I mean, this was the worst of the mess this morning at my house:

A little Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, and we were good.  Nothing like trying to clean nasty, goopy, slimy ointment off of carpet, bedding, etc. 

And I would know.

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Bridget said...

Three kids...ha ha ha. Thanks for your comment. I wonder how many more there are with similar stories. It's probably more common that I think.