Friday, February 18, 2011

Desperate Measures

There must be something about being two years old.  Everything becomes a wrestling match between the toddler and the parent.  Getting clothes on, getting buckled into the car seat, and sitting down to eat are all causes of contention between the twins and myself.  No sooner do I get one of them into her pjs, then she runs down the hall and pulls off her pjs AND diaper while I wrestle the other into her pjs.  We've started safety pinning the zippers up on their sleepers at night. 

Annie is quite talented at getting clothes off and on.  The favorite being, of course, taking the clothes off.  But, like Emma, she is fond of several changes of clothes during the course of a single day.  And shoes.  And hair things.  Ad nauseum.

All of that is livable, so long as it isn't the diaper that she's always taking off.  Lately, the diaper has been.  I tried putting the darn thing on backwards (so the tabs are less easy to access), putting big girl underwear on top of the diaper and finally- duct tape.
I feel like laughing an evil laugh and quoting Prince John (after tying Sir Hiss into a rather large, messy knot), "Get out of THAT if you can."*  But I think the humor would be lost on them.

Someone may argue that perhaps Annie and Maddie are trying to tell me they ready to be potty trained.  And my reply would be- not when my household is still recovering from the stomach flu.  Nuh uh.  Not going to happen right now.  I am dealing with enough messes at the moment.

*From Disney's Robin Hood


Twingle Mommy said...

For my oldest we tried the duct tape, but she just ripped at it until she had the daiper hanging from her. Picture a diaper that is around the waist, but hanging off in the back leaving the front exposed. We finally started putting on her fetty pjs backwards. The little stinker went through this phase while I was pregnant with my twins. And then one day it was over. Here's hopeing your day will come soon too.

Bingham Family said...

Oh Danae your adventures make me laugh all the time! You're one of those women that the Lord knew was amazing enough to send twins to. Good luck and keep laughing.