Sunday, February 6, 2011

Joyful Noises

(Written by Annie)

Being a whole two years old now, Maddie and I have decided those green books at church have something to do with music.  Mom and Dad open those books a couple times during that hour of Sacrament Meeting and amazingly, the organ starts playing.  But for some reason, the organ doesn't start when we open the books.  This requires further study.

Maddie and I decided that today we would join our voices with all the others when it was time to sing.  It didn't matter that we don't know any of the words, and can't figure out what's so important about the one page Mom insists I don't change during the song.  I make noises all the time, and Mom always nods her head and pretends she knows what I'm saying.  Silly Mom. 

So during the opening hymn, I start making whatever sounds I felt like.  Loud. And. Clear.  It was much better than whatever they were singing.  Not long after, Maddie joined in.  We had quite the duet of, "Aaaaaay Ahhhhh Noooo Raaa Nuuuuu"s going.  It must have been amazing singing, because other families 4 and 5 rows away started turning their heads to look and us twins. 

I'm not sure what was wrong with Mom and Dad though.  Dad's face started turning red, and both he and mom started shaking like they were holding laughter in.  I know that couldn't be the case, because clearly we were the star singers of the congregation.  Everyone thought so.  After Sacrament Meeting was over, the people sitting behind us complemented us on our beautiful voices.

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brooke said...

Who says sacrament meeting can't be entertaining?! Too cute!