Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sticky Fingerprints

I have to admit, half of the time I don't even see the fingerprints that pervade every surface of my home under 4 feet.  I like to joke that if CSI ever came over, they wouldn't be able to tell important evidence from every other mess in the house.  There are snot smears, tear marks, milk and juice spills, accident remains, random hairs and those darn fingerprints everywhere.

I cleaned the house before we had company over for Family Home Evening on Monday night.  I swept, vacuumed, mopped (ok, more like spot cleaned the linoleum), put toys away, dusted, and got the stray socks out from inside/under the couch.  I was feeling pretty good about the house until they arrived and I remembered I forgot about getting out the window cleaner:
The tv, windows and piano all look like that.

I still haven't cleaned them.  And yes, it is Wednesday evening. 

It's one of those things- why bother cleaning?  With kids being kids, it will look like that again in 24 hours time.

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Bingham Family said...

I tell my husband that I don't wash the windows and glass door as a safty precaution. My point was proven the day that I did clean all the finger prints, jam goobies, and other evidence of children off the glass serfaces. Madi walked into the glass door and a bird flew into the front window.