Thursday, April 14, 2011

And more....

Saturday dawned a bit too early (thanks to the kids), and frosty.  Once we finally dragged our tired selves outside (at about 9 am), I thought frost on the car said it was rather too chilly for a walk along the beach.  So we drove to Fort Clatsop- the Lewis and Clark fort.
The kids thought it would be fun to be pioneers.  For a day.

The nice park rangers gave Emma and Elizabeth each a little booklet to fill out so they could become Jr. Park Rangers.  They took it very seriously.
Emma and Elizabeth got their booklets completed and here they are being sworn in as Jr. Park Rangers.  They got certificates and badges to wear.  They wore their badges ALL day.
Afterwards we drove north to Astoria for lunch. 
After going across the bridge to Washington, we directly turned around and drove to Portland.  We were going to meet up with my in-laws for dinner there.  Or not, as it turned out.  :) 
We made good time to Portland, so we took a walk at the Portland temple before dinner.
 The twins found a drinking fountain.  They thought they were in heaven, and it took us a long time to tear them away.

 We took some time to do some duck watching.

Then it was dinner time, and the in-laws were still a few hours away.  We found our hotel, then went to the grocery store for some dinner.  We got the Albertson's deli meal deal- chicken, coleslaw and rolls.  Plus some strawberries and whipped cream for dessert.
 "Cheers"- fried chicken style.
 Whipped cream makes anything a dessert. 
 After dinner we put on bathing suits and went swimming.  Twin toddlers, a wishful 5-year-old swimmer and an 8-year-old who kinda swims and two adults...?  It's exhausting for the two adults.  The kids all needed to jump in, and someone needed to be there to catch and hoist up for the next round.  My arms were pretty sore the next day. 

There was a man there with his teen aged daughter and a couple of her friends.  Before they left, the man came over to tell me how much he enjoyed watching our family.  (Glad to provide free amusement.)  Then he went on to say that he admired our tenacity.  (Were my children just insulted?  I know we are energetic, but sheesh!)

At 8 o'clock, we packed our sogginess off to our room for baths.  I bathed all the children, and Ryan put the pjs on them.  That's when the phone call came that the in-laws had finally made it.  I was still semi-wet and running around in my bathing suit, so I quickly jumped in the shower shortly before they came in. 

The kids were all still very hyper from seeing Grandma and Grandpa, and aunts, uncle and cousins when everyone finally left our room at 9:30.  You'd think since it was already at least a hour and a half past their bedtime, the kids would just be too tired and fall asleep. 


So I laid down with them while Ryan showered.  3 of the 4 were mostly asleep when Ryan was done, so we headed back to the bathroom to watch more episodes of Castle while we waited for #4 to head off to dreamland.

Saturday morning found us at Ryan's aunt and uncle's house for breakfast, and getting the kids acquainted before we left them.  We got the kids set up with a movie downstairs, and then tiptoed out.  Emma and Elizabeth were fine with playing there for the day, but the twins (who function better on a predictable schedule) were extra clingy. 

Ryan and I joined his parents and siblings for Dave Ramsey Live in Portland.  We were there extra early, since it was general seating.  We saw the pre-show, plus all 5 hours of the regular show.  My rear end was complaining about the unusual inactivity after about 2 hours.  But Dave Ramsey is energetic, enthusiastic and had us laughing throughout.  We left with renewed enthusiasm for saving and investing, and paying off our house. 

I have to say though, that Ryan and I felt like we had a good handle on being frugal.  We by-passed the concession lines selling $3.75 bottles of water and $4 little hot dogs.  We snuck in our own bottles of water under our coats (since they were searching purses.  Lame!) and Ryan even managed to bring in a box of crackers during intermission.  :)

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