Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The low-point of the day

The Dear Husband is not here this evening.  He's bailed on us to be a part of the union bargaining team for our school district.  The usual 2-3 hour meeting has stretched to 5+ hours tonight, to deal with budget shortfalls for the upcoming school year.  So, I did homework, dinner, the Between Time (ugh, what to do with the troops after dinner but before bedtime?) and finally bed time alone.  All I can say is, Ryan had better not die anytime soon and leave me to do this on a regular basis.  I cringe at the thought.

Anyway.  So during that Between Time, I pulled out all the stops.  Popcorn, movie, a craft project for Emma...  (Please just don't fight!)  Our dinner of macaroni and cheese, and a vegetable, was seemingly not doing it for us tonight.  After the popcorn was gone, demands for more food were made: Marshmallows!  String cheese!  Candy!  Chocolate chips!

I gave permission for the string cheese.

Emma later found some candy she'd been given at the birthday party on Saturday.  I said a little was ok, so long as she shared. 

("MoooOOOOoom, she gave more to the twins than to me!")  At this point, the fighting began, and I kinda felt like I'd let them have enough snacks.

Maddie kept following me around saying, "More?  Cheese?"  I told her no, and that we were all done.  I turned around to do something, and then I felt a surge of pain in my rear end. 

She bit me.


Bingham Family said...

Ouch! I guess she was hungrier than you thought. Ha ha... well done with the hubby gone. That is always a challenge around here too.

Bridget said...

So sorry. Hope you don't have a bruise.

I feel your pain. When Tymon was gone for 2 weeks last month, it was rough for me. As hard as having him work full time and going to school at night with homework on non school nights/Saturdays, it's so much better than having him gone. It'll be nice when he graduates in June...

One of my friends said life gets better when the kids get older. Then another said these were the best years and that I'd miss it when it was gone. I don't know. I'm working on finding joy in the here and now. And sometimes I'm successful. And by sometimes, I mean maybe once a day. ha ha. Like you, I hate the fighting.

Just think about sweet hugs and little people who want to hold your hand. That always brings a smile to my face.

Andrea said...

O.K., sorry in advance, but I have to admit I lol when I read that last sentence! Bless your heart!

Jo-Anne Rambling said...

Hi first time I have dropped in and have to say I like what I found. Reading this brought back memorys of when my girls where little. I hope your bottom didn't hurt for to long it sucks when kids bite. All the time spent with our kids is great as children are so precious.

MissLoveB said...

This cracked me up!!! My son refractured my coccyx by headbutting me while I was doing the dishes... he wanted my attention! Kids!!!