Friday, April 22, 2011


My tulips bloomed.  I am in heaven.
I won't bore anyone with any more pictures of our tulips.  But aren't they gorgeous?

While I was outside enjoying the sights of spring, the twins caught my eye.  Not in the usual way, running away or hitting each other with sticks, but this:

(Annie standing on Maddie's toes I thought was a nice touch.)


Bridget said...

So sweet. Love the tulips.

Andrea said...

I just commented on another blog today about how much I love tulips! They are my favorite flower, but they have already bloomed and died here! :( Wish they lasted longer!

Very pretty picture of yours!

Very sweet picture of two very adorable girls!

Happy Easter!

Jo-Anne Rambling said...

What beautiful tulips nearly as beautiful as the twins...........

Natalie said...

Love it!

Iva. said...

So great blog. One of the best! <3<3