Thursday, April 14, 2011

Stupid English Language

Last night while I was getting the kids to bed, Emma pipes up and asks me, "Mom, what's a void?"

Um, how to explain a "void."  I quickly did a check in my head to figure out what book she would have encountered that word, but was coming up short.  "Well, it's a place where there's nothing."  (Oh, I think quick on my feet, don't I?  Who wouldn't be able to understand that?)

"A void is what?"

"Just somewhere where there isn't anything."  (That should clear it up, right?)

"No, mom, that's not what a void means."

"Oh really.  And what does it mean?"  Miss smarty pants thinks she knows it all.  Humph.

"It means to stay away from!"

Daylight starts to glimmer.  She doesn't mean "a void;" she means "avoid."



Bingham Family said...

Oh funny! We go through that at least once every other day. I have to do the same thing... what book did they just read, and where are they getting this word? Cute cute.

Bridget said...

I'm laughing. Nice.