Saturday, April 30, 2011


Halloween is never far from our minds, at our house.  Emma and Elizabeth let me know what kind of costume they would like for next Halloween (on average) every 3 weeks.  It changes each and every time, so I am not going to start any projects just yet. 

This week Emma wants to be Mother Gothel, and Elizabeth wants to be Rapunzel.  Last time Emma wanted to be Rapunzel and thought Elizabeth would make a great Maximus and Daddy should be Flynn.  Other times the girls wanted to be fairies, rock stars, a doctor, spiders, witches, etc. etc. etc.

So the other night, after we put the kids in bed ('cause we actually can talk then), Ryan starts in on what he thinks a great costume for us would be: Jeffster-
I suppose since we were Chuck and Sarah from NBC's tv show "Chuck" last Halloween (you can see a picture of us here- if you scroll down a bit), Ryan thought we should keep with the theme. 

Would that make me Jeff or Lester? 

(And how dare Ryan suggest I could be either of those creepy dudes.  Ew!)

Miffed at my refusal to go along with his "great" idea, he thought I'd only be happy if he dressed like Sir Percy Blakeney:
Or even better, he could be the man of my dreams, Mr. Darcy:
I giggled to think of Ryan dressing in either of those costumes.  At least I would have an excuse to get myself a costume to go along with either of those two options.  :o)  It could be so fun! 

But then I told Ryan, if he really wanted to be the man of my dreams, it would be the easiest Halloween costume ever.  He wouldn't even need to dress up at all.

He is already.

Besides, if I wanted Mr. Darcy, I'd have to be a) fictional, and b) willing to go without cars, epidurals, the ability to own property of my own, modern health care, flushing toilets, sunscreen and jeans.  I'm not willing to go there.  Ever.

And can anyone picture Mr. Darcy changing diapers?  Helping with the dishes?  Joking around, trying to cheer me up after a long day? 

Yah, me neither.


Jo-Anne Rambling said...

Yes Mr Darcy is a dish but can't see him in the 21st century so he is confind to our dreams where he can still be perfect.

brooke said...

Ha! I love Jeffster. Give it a try :) They crack me up.