Friday, April 29, 2011

Getting Tangled Again

On Tuesday, Ryan took my minivan in to get the brake pads replaced.  Ryan bought the brake pads at a local auto parts store, and then asked the auto shop class install them.  He brought my wheels back to me quickly that afternoon, after school and before parent teacher conferences started.  (Not that I had any plans to go anywhere.  I just could leave the house if I wanted to.  To buy milk at Safeway, or some such crazy outing with all the kids.)

When Ryan walked in, he found me like this:
 That's Rapunzel's hair, left over from Emma and Elizabeth's birthday party, and some crepe paper.

I think they got the idea from their new favorite movie-
And, perhaps, from the Rapunzel party games from two weeks ago.  Either way, Annie and Maddie spent a good 20 minutes tying, untying and retying me up again.  Anything to keep those kids happy!  Especially when they don't take their naps.


Jo-Anne Rambling said...

At least the kids had fun it is times like that they will remember and cherish.

Andrea said...

Haha! Your a good sport Mom!! Anything to keep peace, right? Have a great weekend!