Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Break

On Thursday we left for Oregon.  We almost never leave during Spring Break, since Ryan has to babysit water his greenhouse plants every day.  (I think this is the first year since Ryan started teaching that we've left for an over-night trip during the spring time.)  Ryan bribed two of the janitors at his school to water his baby plants, and we LEFT!  (Make that- spend the whole of Wednesday doing laundry, packing, get snack foods, print off hotel reservations, load all our crud up in the car and then we left.  Whew!)

We were in a good mood when we left though:
 (It makes my heart melt to see such sisterly affection.)

Our first stop was Multnomah Falls. 
 After I took this picture of Ryan and the girls, another waterfall visitor offered to take a picture of our family in front of the waterfall.  Unfortunately, he never actually took a picture.  My guess is he pressed the button halfway down (how the camera focuses) and not all the way down. :(  Oh well.  Ryan took a picture of me on the bridge.
Then we drove to Seaside.
 (Yay!  A family picture!)  It was such a nice day.  Beautiful blue sky, and decent temps for the beginning of April.  I've seen much less pleasant days during summertime.  We went directly to the beach to walk around and play in the sand.
 Maddie found a big shell that she liked to use to dig in the sand. 
 Lewis and Clark (and the Kannelys) found the Pacific!
 We went into the town to walk around and find a snack- salt water taffy!  The kids loved the candy store.
 Then back to the beach.

 Ryan helped the girls dig a hole. 
 This one is actually my second sand castle.  The first got plowed-through by a few of my children, who shall remain nameless.  We were going for the Aztec temple-look this time.  And Elizabeth is sitting IN her hole.
I think we will need to go back to the coast soon.

We took our sandy selves to Subway for dinner.  Honestly, I felt like we brought half of the beach with us.  So after dinner we took ourselves to our hotel for bath time and bedtime. 

Once the kids were down for bed, Ryan and I weren't quite ready for bed yet.  We brought our laptop with us, so we plugged it in the bathroom and looked around on for shows to watch.  We settled on Castle.  We sat on some slightly used towels, with our backs to the wall (or the TP in my case.  Who puts the toilet paper dispenser across the room from the toilet anyway?) and enjoyed us a couple episodes of Castle.  Yep, this is vacation.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had fun on your trip! I've never been to the Oregon Coast, but it looks beautiful!
-Christine Cleghorn