Monday, November 3, 2014

Annie and Maddie turn 6

Something happened over night.  Suddenly my two 5-year-olds became 6-year-olds.  Annie and Maddie have been counting down for the past month or so.  They knew that Halloween was coming, and that their birthdays are "three days after Halloween."  They told everyone.  We had lots of opportunities for math.  "What's 7 days plus three more days?"

The girls went to school very excited for their birthdays.  Our district does not allow home baked goods, so they took Oreos to school to share.  

As it turns out, Annie's teacher totally forgot Annie's birthday.  Annie was very perturbed over this.  It was all she could talk about when she got home for a while.  (We had to wait until Dad got home before opening presents.)

Luckily, the girls got some birthday wishes over the phone while they were waiting.
Present time!

 Annie and Maddie were quite excited over their Elsa and Anna dolls.

After a dinner of crepes, it was cake time.

 I think Annie and Maddie were attempting to mimic their cupcake smash from birthday numero uno.
Happy birthday, my girlies.

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