Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween

Once the kids got home, there was candy and excitement and a race to get dressed up.
 I know this is kind of a random shot (thanks, Ryan) but I realized this was only the picture that really showed Maddie's Elsa braid.  And my fancy hair too.
 Annie- angel, Maddie- Queen Elsa, Emma- a Studio C shoulder angel, Elizabeth- vampire
 The neighbor goats were really intent on watching us take pictures.

 If you are unfamiliar with Studio C, it's a comedy sketch group that's family friendly and a favorite around here.  Do yourself a favor and look them up on YouTube.  I was kind of bummed that Emma chose to be a shoulder angel, because that was my first pick.  Emma spent the evening jumping into spot and saying, "Poof!"
 Ryan was a good sport and allowed Emma to do the correct shoulder angel pose.
 I wore a dress my grandma made years and years ago.  It's a copy of a dress that she found in a family history picture from the 1860s.  I wore it when I was Amy in the Little Women play back in high school.  It was hilarious to watch, I'm sure, me get my skirt and wedding petticoat into the van and under the steering wheel.  Ryan is getting more use out of that awful mullet wig.
 Kendra, Emma, Kylie, Maddie and Annie.
 Maddie and Jane
 Elijah, Elizabeth, Noah, Annie, Maddie, and Kennedy
 Cake walk
Ryan got to hang out at the bishopric carnival booth after dinner.  If the kids could toss a penny into a glass, they could take the glass home.

After the carnival, it was time for the trunk or treat in the parking lot.
Happy Halloween!

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