Saturday, November 8, 2014

Farm Life

I don't much care for seeing mice around here.  I know we live in the country, and I know rodents are a fact of life.  I just don't like seeing evidence of their existence.  However, seeing one of our two cats doing their duty pleases me.

So, today I saw that Merlin had caught a mouse, and was slowly torturing it to death.  Along came momma turkey and her 7 turkey chicks.  (The turkey chicks were born a couple of months ago and have been wandering our yard ever since.  This is the first batch set by the momma turkey, and not incubated by Ryan.)  Merlin and Emrys have a healthy respect for momma turkey, and when Merlin saw them come around, she dropped her mouse and ran away.  I was just about ready to give Ryan a piece of my mind about his darn turkeys keeping my cats from doing their job, when two of the turkey chicks resumed torturing the mouse to death.  One turkey would peck at the mouse, pick it up by the tail, and then run around the driveway being chased by another turkey who wanted his turn.

It was kind of interesting to watch.

In the end, the dead mouse was left on the driveway.


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