Saturday, November 22, 2014

Facebook Statuses To Save

This morning's duties included finish coloring Annie's picture while she ate breakfast so she could take it for show and tell, and dragging all the blankets off Elizabeth's bed to motivate her to get up. Happy Friday!

"No, I am not going to let you read that new book I promised. You ate my chocolate truffles, so that makes us even." Christ-like parenting here, folks.

I could have used Gandolf's help today. I needed someone to say, "YOU SHALL NOT PASS into the living room while the paint is still wet."

There is nothing quite as "fun" as chasing escapee chickens back into the coop. Through rows of corn. And the neighbor's yard.

It makes me quite happy to see a mouse in the clutches of our cat.

After a day of sore throats, fever, rash, doctor visits, and sad kids, we ended the evening with antibiotics and Return of the Jedi. Here's hoping for a healthier tomorrow.

Since Ryan is doing his Administrator Internship this year, he gets the opportunity to "substitute" as a principal at other schools for experience. Yesterday he was at Annie and Maddie's school, and they came home from school yesterday full of "My dad was my principal at my school today!" and, "Daddy went down the slide at recess!" and, "I saw Daddy at lunch!" It was really cute.

As today is a teacher in-service day, we have friends over. It's cracking me up to listen to them all compare naughty students in their classes. This is a conversation that kindergarteners, elementary, and middle schoolers can all participate. Apparently if your name is Isaiah, you are predisposed for mischief.

Yesterday's quotable- "I was drawing a picture of mommy, but it didn't turn out. So I made it into a picture of daddy."

You really do have to teach your kids EVERYTHING. Tonight's lesson- we don't share used band-aids.

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