Sunday, November 30, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me.... and others

For my birthday this year, we were invited to a big November birthday bash at my in-law's.  We celebrated Annie and Maddie's birthday, father-in-law Rick's birthday, sister-in-law Blair's birthday, nephew Simon's birthday, and my birthday.  Once upon a time before all the kids got married and started having babies, Rick had the entire month of November to himself.  Now there are 6 of us, and that doesn't include my side.  November is THE month, people.  

The marshmallow throwing game from Thanksgiving had been a hit, so it was brought back.  With new marshmallows, of course.
 The pictures are in no particular order.  I just copied them from my mother-in-law's Facebook page.
 My niece Charlotte is so stinkin' cute.

 I suppose the pot holder game was a hit too.  They insisted that I (and only I) got to open my present with pot holders on my hands.  Everyone else missed out on that fun.  I know I was making some odd faces, so thanks to Kim for only posting this picture of me.
 Time for "cake-cake," which is Simon's word for birthday cake.
 We went through a lot of candles.  There were all 33 on my cake, and 26 on Blair's.  But not 65 on Rick's cake.
Simon didn't blow out his candles.  He got the stomach flu on the way down to his grandparents, and wasn't feeling great.  He spent the day wearing a couple of Grandpa's t-shirts while his clothes were being washed.  Michael ended up in some borrowed clothes for a while too.

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