Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Food, family, and fun.  That's what we did this year for Thanksgiving.  
 The kids at the kid table.  (The lucky ducks always get to be served first....)
 And the adult table.  Honestly, I warned them that I was going to take this picture.
After we thoroughly stuffed ourselves, it was time for a couple of activities.  I have managed to earn a reputation for finding fun and easy games (well deserved or not, who knows) and so Kim asked me to bring a couple.  First off was Open The Heavily Wrapped Gift Challenge.  One person tries to open a wrapped gift wearing pot holders, and the person in front of them in line rolls two dice until they get doubles.  Then they get to have a go at the present, and the next person rolls the dice.

 Nothing makes you feel quite as coordinated as wearing those silly pot holders, let me tell you.
 The recently purchased humidifier box had one of those tabs that folds into the box, and was a beast to open.
Once we got into that box, there were two more to go.
 The prize was a Ghirardelli's chocolate bar.

After that was throwing as many marshmallows into a bucket as you could in one minute.  The distance was adjusted for each.  We started with the youngest (Annie and Maddie) and worked our way to oldest.

Emma's strategy was to throw multiple marshmallows at a time.

You can see we were listening to Christmas music on the tv.
 I did an awesome job getting the marshmallows into the bucket, did I?  (I think I got 11 in.)
The arrow points to a marshmallow stuck into the corner.  I thought I should get a point for that one for style.

 Ryan isn't actually older than everyone present, but he was trash talking, and ended up the farthest away for his crazy amazing skills.  You know, just to make everything fair.  hehe
Maddie put herself as an obstacle for her dad to have to throw around.

And that was it for the entertainment.  We sat around and talked until it was time to go home.

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