Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Modesty and Make-up

Thanks to Pinterest and the blogging world, I have realized I was not applying my make-up correctly.  My face apparently is flat and undefined without highlighting and contouring.  I bought into this theory after seeing all those before and after photos.  Cara from the Maskcara.com said that the Bahama Mama bronzer was the best for contouring, for those of us not willing to shell out the big bucks for her IIID foundation.  I checked it out on Amazon, and the price seemed reasonable for me, so I bought it.

The lady on illustrated packaging isn't wearing a lot.  I like the idea of the cute packaging, but her bikini doesn't cover much, and she wasn't sitting in a lady-like pose.  When I used the bronzer, I tried to leave it upside down on the counter when the kids were around, or safely tucked inside a drawer.  

Once again, momma doesn't get everything right.

Remember when you (ladies) were little, and you would watch your mom put on make-up, and you hoped you would be beautiful like she was someday?  Well, my kids do that too- at least the watching me part.  And they saw the bronzer packaging.

Annie and Maddie were the most upset about it.  That girl was not modest.

So, we brainstormed on what mom could do about it.  Maddie found me a Sharpie, and brought it to me while I was applying my make-up.  So, I tried to cover up the worst of it.

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