Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Eve

We left at about 7:15 this morning to go visit my grandma.  We had nice visit with her, and left again about 3 pm.  This time we drove to Ryan's parent's place because they wanted their granddaughters for a New Year's Eve party.  We arrived around 6 pm, unloaded the kids' overnight gear, and had dinner with Rick, Kim, Megan, and Amy.  Then Ryan and I left our kids for the night and drove home.

This is my one picture from the day.  I must have left my phone unattended.  Or one of my daughters is a pick pocket.
Ryan and I went to bed at the usual time, feeling like unexciting old people.  We felt like we "enjoyed" the celebrations at midnight though.  We had neighbors shooting guns, and there were fireworks exploding somewhere locally.

Ryan is off picking up the girls, and was kind enough to let me have some quiet time at home.  I imagine I will have some tired, tired girls when they get back around 1 pm.  There were pictures of them posted on Facebook at 11 pm last night.

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