Tuesday, January 20, 2015

River Rocks

For MLK day, Emma spent her morning working on her science fair project at the middle school, and Ryan did his homework diligently for several hours.  Which meant we got to have some family time in the afternoon.  Hooray!  We drove down to Tri-Cities to enjoy the amazing weather and go for a walk by the Columbia River.  I think we made it maybe .1 of a mile before getting side tracked by rocks.
 How rare and marvelous it is to have fabulous weather on MLK day in January.  After throwing rocks for 10 minutes, we were all peeling off our coats.

 As we were winding down, Emma started posing her sisters for pictures.

Then we took the girls to Target to spend some of the money they've been saving.  We spent so long wandering the aisles.  Ryan realized that he really does have girls, and girls really enjoy the process of shopping.

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