Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Hairy Problem

The last vacuum we bought has just been a head ache.  We bought it not long after moving into this house to replace the super cheapy one we bought to replace our first vacuum.  So the vacuum is all of 2.5 years old, and we've had to replace the roller thingy 3 times.  All of our long hair gets tangled up in the bristles and around the roller, and even with me remembering to clean it out sometimes, the pieces that connect the roller to the rest of the vacuum would just melt, smoke, and wear out.

So we bought another vacuum at Lowes.  It was on sale, and not overly expensive to begin with.  We have just come to the conclusion that all of the long hair around here is going to be hard on vacuums and we will just need to replace them a little more often than we might prefer.

Hopefully this one will do better than its predecessor.  
We had to play with the box.  Annie is the robot.

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