Thursday, June 18, 2015

Dress Up Days

Drama Camp has been this week, easing us into summer vacation.  Sometimes we get a bit cranky when big changes come, so I was glad for the chance for the girls to see friends and have something to do for half of the day.  

Monday was "favorite costume day."
 Obviously the kids are practicing their dramatics.

 Maddie- a mom, Annie- princess, Elizabeth- a fashion model, Emma- an artist
 Tuesday was pj day.
 Wednesday was crazy day.  Frankly the kids were a lot less crazy than years past.
Then this picture I took to illustrate how almost every day is "crazy day" at our house.  These are examples of perfectly acceptable outfits for the everyday wear, in the eyes of Annie and Maddie.  Some days I think the kids are going to be appalled at the outfits I let them wear.  But they pick out their clothes, and they think they look nice.  What can I say to that?

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