Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Graduation Tradition

Today was my last day for volunteering in Maddie's classroom.  I stayed a little longer than usual to  wave and give high fives to the graduating seniors that came by the kindergarten school.  I think it was good I stayed, because the buses bringing the seniors were a bit slow in arriving, and it's hard to wait melting in the hot sun.  All of the kids and their teachers were lined up around the bus drop off, and the first two buses just did a pass for us to wave at the seniors, and the last bus stopped and the seniors went around high-fiving the class of 2027.  It was really fun to see the 6 year olds get excited about the graduates.

I, of course, left my phone in my purse in the classroom, and so didn't get a picture of the seniors and the kindergartners.  This was the tail end when I was walking to my car.

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