Saturday, June 27, 2015

Back From Girl's Camp

Emma survived her first year at Girl's Camp.  This is the first time she's been away from home by herself for more than 1 night.  I mean, she's spent some time away at Grandma and Grandpa's house, but always surrounded by sisters and cousins.  There were no cell phones allowed, so I was left in the dark on how she was doing.  It's a little nerve wracking from the mom's perspective.  Ryan went up Friday night for the Bishopric dinner and testimony meeting, and he reported that our daughter was alive and well.

Emma and the group from our ward:
Emma is back now- a little sunburned, a lot tired, and full of things to tell.  All the girls shared one tent that was not quite big enough for everyone, with their stuff in another tent.  Kendra was on the end nearest the door, and sometimes got shoved outside (on accident?).  Kaylee was the first to wake at 4:30 am, and decided to belt out Disney show tunes, to the annoyance of every other girl in the ward.  Food prep, testimony meeting, skits, and how many camp songs did they learn....?

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