Friday, June 5, 2015

Kindergarten Game Day

Today was Game Day at Annie and Maddie's school.  The school had sent home a note saying no parents would be allowed to participate, and would be refused if they showed up.  Luckily, I am a regular, and so I was asked by Maddie's teacher if I would like to come.  Apparently, it was by invitation only.  I asked Ryan about it, and the school has had issues with adults with restraining orders showing up.  I seem to have passed muster.  Somehow.  I am a shady character after all, and can't be trusted to not yell like a crazy person Sunday mornings trying to get everyone ready for church.  (sigh) 

The kids got to wear swimsuits under their clothes to school in preparation for game day.  They were all pretty excited about that.  We were outside, it was extremely hot, and there were water activities.
While I did hang out with Maddie's class, I kept a wary eye out for Annie.
Her class was first to get sprayed by the firemen's hose.  More about that later.

Maddie lost more and more of her clothes as the games progressed.  Good thing she already had sunscreen on.
Annie managed to keep her clothes on.
I find it funny that people here use umbrellas more often for parasols than for rain.  I was born in the Seattle area, and we used umbrellas for drizzle and tried to soak up those random patches of sunlight.  We hide from the sun around here.
Maddie's class was the last to get the firemen's station of hose blast.  Considering the drought we are experiencing, this made the other mom with Maddie's class cringe.  One of the irrigation districts had completely shut down for a couple of weeks (um, cherry season anyone?) and the firemen sprayed continuous water for 2+ hours.  But it's a tradition for the end of the year, and the kids think it's fun.
It's difficult to see much in the spray.
After those two hours of steady watering, the ground was saturated and slippery.  Kids were sliding and wiping out right and left.  I think Maddie's teacher was the only one who played in the water with her class.  (I didn't.  I was boring and sat on the side lines taking pictures and laughing as Maddie's teacher was sliding in the grass.)

Afterwards, the class divided into boys and girls.  The girls got to change into dry underwear and clothes in their classroom, while Kiyra's mom and I played with the boys outside.  Then the kids switched, and we waited for the boys.
Maddie and Kiyra
Sherlyn, Maddie, and Kiyra

I was extremely foolish, and did not apply sunscreen this morning.

That's going to peel.  My arms look the same, but these burn lines are the most humorous looking.

You can kind of tell where the lanyard for my volunteer badge was, and the shape of the pendant necklace I was wearing.

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