Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Pool Party

Elizbeth's end of the year excursion to the city pool was today.  The school is divided into two groups, one going in the morning and the other in the afternoon.  It's been so hot (95-103 degrees) during the day that instead of the usual walk to the pool, each of the elementary schools paid bus drivers to take all the kids down.  Thank goodness.  That was going to be a miserable walk, with possible heat stroke.  Not cool.  Even though I opted to drive myself (I have a/c and comfortable seating in the minivan after all), I met up with Elizabeth's class at the school before they left.  The hallways in the building all smelled like sunscreen.  (Even I applied plenty.  I didn't feel like burning myself again.)
 The pool was thick with busy little bodies.

 Elizabeth wanted to make sure I knew she was going under the water.  Take a picture, Mom!
 There was a boy in 1st grade that we know from church who needed a friend to play with.  Big 4th grader or not, Elizabeth is always ready to be a friend.  She has such a tender heart.
We were in the half of the school that played in the pool in the morning.  I was glad, because we were melting as it was!  Our city pool is not equipped with shade in any form, so I sat on the edge of the pool letting my legs dangle in the water half of the time.  It was a dangerous place to be, and I left my cell phone in Elizabeth's backpack.

Once our two hours in the pool was up, it was time to get dressed.  I stayed with Elizabeth's class while Mrs. S ran back and forth between the restrooms trying to get everyone rounded up.  Her class was so slow.  We were one of the last ones to go get the school brown paper lunch bags in the park.

Next year, I will have three of the four kids going to the pool.  I doubt I will be lucky enough to get them all together at once, so maybe I'll get to spend the whole day at the pool.  Perhaps it will be a little cooler....?

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