Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ag Teacher's Conference

Last week we accompanied Ryan to his yearly teacher conference.  All 6 of us in one hotel room for several days- a parent's dream, right?  I decided this was a better alternative to spending those days at home alone with the kids.  At least we'd be able to see Ryan in the evenings.

We traveled in style- we brought cereal, bread, peanut butter, honey and fruit for our breakfasts and lunches.
 Elizabeth thought the grapes made a good head dress.

While Ryan was enjoying his time of being a student, the girls and I explored Wenatchee.  We went for walks from the hotel to the Columbia River, checked out the local parks (and got attacked by mosquitoes-- but more on that later), went to story time at their much larger and cooler library and generally tried to pass the time.
 Monday night we took Quizno's sandwiches and cherries to a park for a picnic.  Elizabeth tried to make herself look like a chipmunk.
 Wenatchee has some good summer programs.  They have these splash pools and games and activities in the afternoons.  Elizabeth and the twins loved the splashing.
 And the worms that Elizabeth found when the water was let out.  (Ew.)  She tossed them (quite literally- they flew for a while) into the grass when she was done with them.
I was glad we decided to go with Ryan up until the last night we were there.  Sometime around 3 am there were retching sounds coming from the floor.  Annie decided to make our trip complete by getting sick all over her shared bed.  Maddie ended up in bed with Ryan and me, while Annie (after she'd been bathed) spent the rest of her night being swaddled in dry towels on the floor.  Those towels had to be changed out once or twice.  It was less than pleasant not being able to get more blankets, and having to keep all those smelly things in our room with us. 

Ah, memories in the making.

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