Saturday, July 9, 2011

Still Alive

I've been horrible about posting lately.  Sorry, folks.  You'd think with those nice long, lazy days of summer, I'd have plenty of time for posting on my blog.  Unfortunately, it hasn't been like that.  Long and crazy would be good adjectives for my life.

We've been doing gardening, canning, house fixing, house painting, swim lessons, playing, reading, laundry, wondering where on earth my marbles have gone, coloring, giggling, more laundry, and getting started in my new calling at church.

That's right- a new calling.  I should have known it was coming.  I was getting all together too content with teaching my 4 and 5 year old class.  We had a pretty good routine going, and while there were some Sundays I came home from church feeling absolutely exhausted, I loved my little class.  (With an average attendance of 8 or 9-- so, not that little for a Primary class....)

We got a visit from a member of our Bishopric one fine Wednesday evening.  The old Primary Presidency is being released, and the new President had requested me to be 1st Counselor.

AAAGGGHH.  My days of quietly being NOT in the limelight were done.  Over.  My fears of getting up in front of a big group of people (mostly kids, notwithstanding) were being realized.

Welcome to anxiety, sleeplessness and night-time obsession/rehearsing so not to sound stupid in front of people and replaying something dumb I've said over and over so I can make myself squirm. 

Tomorrow is it.  I have my first Sharing Time lesson.  I prepared.  Here's hoping my brain doesn't completely abandon me in front of people like it usually does.

But at least I know that Sunday night at dinner my husband will love me as much as he does now, regardless of the outcome.  He's nice like that.  He's been wonderful, trying to give me pep-talks.  He says silly things like, "You will do great," and "I'm there for you."


Bridget said...

Best wishes! I liked being a counselor in the primary a few years ago. One sharing time per month versus a lesson every Sunday...that part was easier.

Heidi E said...

I bet you did as great job! I was called to the primary presidency recently, and I just taught my second sharing time lesson so I feel for you!! We will have to share notes and ideas! :) Are you teaching next week?

Bingham Family said...

Hope it went well! The good thing about Primary is that the kids love you no matter what. I love Primary... but totally hear you about liking the limelight. Some days I just look at the RS room and sigh.

brooke said...

sooooo, how'd it go today? my singing was completely horrible as usual today. I'm sure I'm a huge embarassment to my kids :)

Britt said...

I'm sorry I wasn't there for it! I didn't know you were nervous about it. If it makes you feel better, in my last ward, I forgot my good friend/counselor's name in front of the Primary when I was conducting. I had mind-blanks all the time when in front of the whole Primary-- I even had a Primary teacher pull me aside after a Sharing Time lesson to make sure I knew that the doctrine I had taught wasn't exactly correct-- and I even knew what was correct, I had just said it wrong. The good news is, it becomes MUCH easier, especially when you realize how often the kids aren't paying attention anyway. :) Just kidding, sort of. Just think of it like teaching your kids an FHE lesson. I'm excited to be in there with you and Laura!

Danae said...

Sharing time went fine, I think. I had activities and a guest speaker (Ryan) so I didn't have to talk the whole time.

Brooke- I'm sure your singing isn't BAD. But I can understand intimidating, especially as your husband is pretty good and doesn't mind singing in front of a group!