Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fun at church

Today towards the end of sacrament meeting, Annie patted her bum and told me, "Poop."

Not having sniffed anything foul, I did the pat test myself and there was no tell-tale bulge in the diaper.  "Did you pee in your diaper?" I whispered back.

"Go poop.  Go potty."  She was adamant.

As a little back story here, we have not been pushing potty training on the twins.  At all.  They sit on the potty when they want too, and having anything come of it has been hit and miss.  I really do not like potty training (the previous two children having scarred me for life, I think) and I have been waiting for the twins to turn 3 before I get serious about trying.

So I walked Annie out of the chapel, down the hall and to the ladies room.  Crouching on the floor, I removed her diaper and held her on the toilet.  Annie's eyes got really big when she realized there was no toddler seat to keep her from falling in.  But 35 seconds later, the sounds of success greeted my ears- of the #1 variety, that is.

I asked her if she was going to do the other, and Annie said no.  Diaper was put back on, Annie got to flush the toilet ("Yay potty!"), hands washed and we made it back to the chapel as the closing prayer was finishing up.  So I collected Maddie and we walked back down the hall to the nursery.

Annie ran right in the nursery room, but Maddie didn't want to go.  "Potty, Mommy."  Ok, sure, whatever.  I'll take you.

I was quite surprised when the same sounds of success greeted my ears again.  I started having day dreams about twins who potty trained themselves.  Wouldn't that be great?  Think of all the money we'd save every month not having to buy diapers....

I dropped Maddie back at nursery, and she went in just fine.  I walked down to the Primary room.  I was rather late in arriving, as opening exercises was about to start.  I opened my binder to find the list of songs that we were supposed to sing, and Sis. K arrived with Annie.  "Whichever one this is- She has a stinky diaper."


I was really late when I made it back to Primary.

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