Saturday, July 23, 2011

Idleness and Dissipation

Last weekend Ryan and I dropped our children off with their grandparents (Ryan's long-suffering parents), and set off for 5 child-free days.  It was heavenly.  We had been given a gift certificate to the Lion and the Rose B&B in Portland, Oregon, so we set off for a weekend in Oregon. 

On our way southwards, we made a stop at Cabela's giant warehouse-store.  It's seriously huge.  Ryan had never been inside, but had passed by on the freeway a few times.  I hadn't either, but I was not broken up about it and I was dying to see the inside too.  :)
We arrived at the Victorian-style mansion and were shown to our room.  I giggled when I saw how high up the bed was.
 You know it's high when you are given a two-step ladder to get into bed.  Don't fall out of bed!
This was the sort of place to bring a Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte book and read.  (Which I might have done...)  I sat in this sitting room (see below), wishing I had a corset and long skirt, or some such thing to prevent my reading position- the slouch.  But it was my vacation.  I was going to spend some well-deserved time getting lost in a book.
 Our room had its own private bathroom with a jacuzzi and a shower.  Unfortunately, we were told when we arrived that our bathroom had a plumbing issue, so we were unable to use the shower.  (At least it wasn't the jacuzzi that was out of order.)  So they threw in a free breakfast on our second morning.
Ryan tried to convince all the others there that such a fancy breakfast feast was really not out of the ordinary for us, and I was just being silly for taking a picture.  Yah right.  Like I ever fix frittatas, baked apples and pears, rolls and jam, and fruit salad for breakfast.  And get out the fancy china on our antique table for 12.  It was fun doing family-style breakfast with a bunch of people, exchanging stories about our adventures the day before.  The most unique was a couple who was doing a (this is completely true) Portland chicken coop tour.  (What?  Seriously?)

The other morning we went out for donuts.  Check out the giant-est of giant apple fritters:
 We had been told about this place called Voodoo Donuts.  It's a crazy place, with some crazy donuts.  Some with bacon, some with cereal on top, some vegan and one apparently that looked like a voodoo doll.  We did not get that one. 
The donuts were pretty tasty.

The first night we were there, we went to see Harry Potter 7 part 2 at the theatre.  That's right- the first day it was out.  Well, not quite, since we didn't go see the midnight showing 20 hours before.  But still. 

Saturday morning found us in bed until 8 o'clock.  Then we got ready for our day and found the donut place before venturing out to Washington Park.  (Pictures to follow in another post.)  Afterwards, we found a Safeway with a parking garage underneath.  We are just nerdy enough to think this was hysterical. 

The rest of our time was spent reading, walking the streets of downtown Portland, riding the train, eating and vegging out.  Ryan enjoyed the delights of the Discovery Channel, while I watched a BBC movie on Netflix.

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