Tuesday, July 26, 2011


This morning as I was in my bathroom getting ready for my day, I heard my cell phone ring.  My phone usually hangs out in the living room or plugged in and laying on the kitchen counter.  I quickly dropped my eyeliner on the counter, dashed around my bed, down the hall and 'round the corner to the kitchen counter.  My phone was sitting open on the counter (hm, that's not how I left it), so I closed it before pressing "send" to answer.  Somehow I lost the call by closing the phone. 

That doesn't usually happen.

So I immediately pressed "send" twice to call back the last person who called.  This is when a couple things started coming together in my brain.

1. When my phone was open, there wasn't the usual "incoming call" screen up.  It was one of the menu screens.

2. There is giggling come from the toy room.

Oh brother.  The kids got me.  Emma found the ring tone menu and made my phone ring, making me think there was an incoming call.

And then Ryan picked up on the other end and asked, "What's up?"

Uh....  I love and miss you?  Oh, and YOUR children are into playing jokes now.  Their humor is evolving from knock-knock jokes.


Bridget said...

Ha ha. We're still in the knock knock phase. Or shall I rephrase that to the not-so-funny-no-punch-line-knock-knock jokes? Yes, I shall. They aren't funny yet. At all.

Danae said...

I totally understand the unfunny knock-knock jokes. Elizabeth is the biggest fan of knock-knock jokes, and hers are all made up on the fly and go something like this:
Knock, knock.
(who's there?)
(Pizza who?)
You are a pizza head! hahaha!