Monday, February 13, 2012


One night last week the kids had So. Much. Energy.  So I set them up with Ms. Jillian Michaels.
The girls totally got into it and I got such a kick out of watching them.


Tasha said...

Is that the 30 day shred I see on screen? I LOVE it! (I just need to do it more often!) I can't when the kids are awake, don't want to wake them up while napping, and am too tired after they go to bed. I'm sure you know how all that goes :)

Danae said...

Yes, that is the 30 day shred. I made it about 3 days, was super sore and decided to take a day or two off, and haven't started back up again. *sigh* I totally understand about the exercising when the kids are awake vs sleeping vs I'm too tired to do any of it! :)