Sunday, February 12, 2012

This is what my life has come to

Sometimes when I send certain of my kids to go to the bathroom (because they obviously needed to go) they don't quite make it.  Somehow the act of me telling them to use the toilet becomes a trigger to have an accident- usually in the bathroom right next to the toilet.  I've been told that having your children clean up their own accidents will encourage them to make it to the toilet.  (I'm still waiting for that to happen.)  So Twin 1 or Twin 2 will grab one of the towels hanging up in the bathroom to mop up the puddle.  The only problem is sometimes the towels are vigorously used when those same little ones dry their hands and the towels end up on the floor.  Ryan will, on occasion, leave his towel on the floor after his shower as well.

So I don't always know the reason a towel is on the floor in the bathroom.  Rather than having a pile of damp towels on the floor, I will pick up the towels and hang them over the shower doors.  Just until I do the next load of laundry.

This has back-fired on me.

Earlier this week when I was getting out of the shower, I grabbed a towel and used it to pat my face dry.  It smelled a little... off.  As I was drying off the rest of me, it dawned on me that maybe I had grabbed the wrong towel.

Ok, that's nasty.

I told the story to Ryan.  He mentioned that this same towel situation has happened to him too.

I wasn't going to post this story (it is a little bit gross), but a friend of mine suggested that I should.  There needs to be a record of the odd and gross things I put up with from my children. :)

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Anonymous said...

Danae, the funny thing is that that happened to me too! It is sooo gross, I had to start the water all over again and shower again. I think my son had an accident and cleaned it up, but then hung the towel right back on the bar. You don't know what you are in for until you have wiped it all over you. Ew!! Anyway, thanks for posting it, it made me chuckle. Our sweet little darlings.............Natalie Gallup