Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Heart Attack

Valentine's Day- it's mostly a day for dating couples.  Even though Ryan and I now qualify as an "old married couple" I wanted to do something silly for Ryan.  Last year we had big plans for Valentine's Day, but life happened and they didn't quite materialize. 

So this year I gave Ryan's truck (while it was at work) a "heart attack."
I took the twins down to the high school with me towards the end of the day and we drove around looking for Ryan's truck.  It was passing time at the high school so we found a parking spot near the truck and waited for the crowds to die down.  The truck was near Ryan's classroom, so I thought we were "had" when Ryan came outside.  He looked right at us.  But luckily, I guess you don't see what you aren't looking for and he wasn't looking for us.

There were a couple of high school kids who passed us, as well as a construction worker, but no one told on us.  The funny thing is, one of Ryan's students even walked by us to the greenhouse.

Ryan was surprised.

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