Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Uh oh

In my effort to make my house presentable, I've been scrubbing the shower doors in the bathroom.  This is day #3 and it still needs work.  (Does anyone have the magic fix for hard water stains?  Any advice would be appreciated...)  So I was standing inside the bathtub scrubbing away when I heard a very loud and insistant knock on the front door.  I leaped out of the bathtub, ran down the hall and opened the front door.

I was surprised to see a police officer at my door.  Also, the presence of 1... 2... 3 police cars?  And one of those police cars was blocking my driveway.  Holy crap- what did I do??  I glanced down at Annie and Maddie (they were still being blobs on the couch where I left them) and no phone in sight.  Please keep in mind I am wearing my very best cleaning outfit- sweats, no make-up, rubber gloves and a sloppy ponytail.

"Do you have a medical emergency?" the policeman on my doorstep asked.  I saw an ambulance turn onto our street at this juncture.

Unless persistant diarrhea constitutes as a medical emergency, then no.  I looked again to make sure the twins weren't hiding a 9-1-1 hang up.  Because they are old enough to say something like, "I'm sick" on the phone.  Wouldn't that be grand.

"Are you sure?  It's one of the houses on this street." 

I'm sorry, I can't help you.  I'm just trying to clean my bathroom.  And he's probably not the one to ask about hard water stains.

I watched out the window.  On the 3rd house down from ours, it looks like they found what they were looking for.  Now that everyone was alerted, there were several neighbors standing watch on their front lawns. 

I went back to scrubbing the bathroom.

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Megan Neumiller said...

We tried equal parts white vinegar and blue dawn. Spray it on and rinse off in 30 minutes. It worked wonders and it was cheap. Hope this helps.