Tuesday, February 21, 2012

President's Day Weekend, part 2

At the end of that long and productive Saturday, we all climbed into our beds for a nice and restful night. 

Until about 2 am when the retching sounds woke us up.  Annie was sick, and it was a long night.

When Rick and Kim arrived at our house at 8 am before heading back to their home, the kids greeted them at the door because mom and dad were still in bed.  Ryan and I looked at each other, and I asked, "Do I hear your parents?"  Yep, I did.

We had plans to continue our quest for a very clean house on Sunday, but we just took it easy instead.  Annie seemed to be finished throwing up, but she was still manifesting flu symptoms.

Then Sunday night the retching sounds greeted our disappointed ears again.  This time both twins were at it.  At one point, we had one on each of our two toilets with both "ends" going.  It wasn't good.  But we finally called it a night at 4 am.

Monday I was going to get the house cleaned up if it killed me.  It was a 4 day weekend and I was going to have something to show for it, darn it.  It almost did though.  Ryan took 2 naps over the course of the day, and after dinner I was pretty well comatose on the couch.

If you've been to my house, you will realize my house NEVER actually looks like this.  I focused on one room, chasing the children out and took a picture before it reverted to its old ways.  We signed papers to put our house up for sale, and I need good pictures to put online.  Now I am putting some of those pictures on my blog.  See, it actually is a nice house when not all cluttered up!  (I usually can't tell under the Cheerios crumbs, laundry on the floor, toys strewn everywhere...)  I even used the carpet shampooer since I didn't think the smell of vomit adds anything to the "please buy my house" vibe we are trying to capture.  But once I cleaned the rug in question, I just decided to do them all. 

Living room
Twins' bedroom
 Emma and Elizabeth's room
Newly finished laundry room
 Hall bathroom
Master bedroom
Our house from the front.   It is a little tricky to get that "curb appeal" look in February when nothing is leafy or green.

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